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The Chef

There is no doubt that the heart of the restaurant, or the ingredient in this case that provide a complete successful restaurant would be the chef. We are happy to have chef Abhay Kumar as our chief whose have the ability to bring the flavor of Indian food to our valueable customers.

Edward D’Allesandro - CEO

Abhay Kumar

Head Chef

Abhay and his wife, Priyanka, fell in love with the coastal region known for monsoon winds and a cuisine dating back 500 years, heavily influenced by the French and Portuguese.

Like many chefs, Abhay Kumar fell in love with food and cooking in the kitchen of his family home in New Delhi, India. When he determined to make a career as a culinary professional, he headed to Australia where he was exposed to the creativity, culture, and cuisines of Australia and its Asian neighbors.

Abhay received a degree in Hospitality Management at the Northern Melbourne Insitute of TAFE and immediately began his cooking career at indian restaurant in Melbourne. Eager to travel and hone his hospitality skills, Abhay moved to California where he joined the highly acclaimed Westin St. Francis Hotel in San Francisco. Over the next 10 years, Abhay collected awards and accolades for his work with prestigious companies such as Westin, Hyatt, Regency, and The Argent hotels in San Francisco.